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Selling your Equipment Should be This Easy

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How it Works…

Receive your offer in 48 hours

We will make you a no-obligation offer, subject to inspection, within 48 hours. You can think about it for up to 15 days. If you like what we offered, we will inspect the machine as quickly as possible, and if everything is in order, we will immediately send you a deposit. We will then get in touch with you with regards to removal time, etc. We have a long successful track record of doing exactly what we say. We will pay and remove your press at the agreed upon time. Not like some brokers who make empty promises. You will be fully paid before we even open a bolt!

Tell us about the equipment

Give us a quick rundown of your equipment. Tell us about the make, model, year, serial #, impressions, etc of your machine. Tell us something about the condition of the machine. Any damage? Any repair marks? Also let us know if removal is ground or dock level, and other loading conditions we need to be aware of (like if its on the 6th floor, and we need to rent a crane!)

What else do we do?


We Buy & Sell Equipment

We have been in the printing industry for the past 45 years. We have two locations in North America, Toronto, Canada and Orlando Florida. With over 60,000 sq. ft. of space, we are by far the largest stocking equipment dealer. Whatever you need, we have it. Plus we have the largest selection of spare parts and consumables, and a fast convenient online store.



Do you need more for your equipment then our offer? Let us help you get that extra amount by allowing us to sell your equipment on consignment. For a period of 30-60 days, we will market your equipment on our website, different machinery listing sites, and through e-mail blasts. We are sure that we will move that piece for you without hassle and inconvenience. The only thing we ask is exclusivity during the marketing period.


Auctions & Liquidations

Do you have more than a few pieces of equipment to sell? Let us show you how the best way to get the best value and move everything by way of online auctions. The word “auction” makes a person think “low value, hassle, headache!”, but nothing could be further from the truth. More companies have been realizing the best returns on their unwanted machinery, related machinery, general warehouse equipment, shelving, racking, etc is by doing cost-effecting online auctions. Our auction process guarantees you a great minimum value plus sharing any excess amounts.

Do you want to sell your plant? Contact us for more information or to discuss…

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